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Latest Developments: for February 2018

So far there has been an enthusiastic take-up of the Social Groups facility by the Edinburgh U3A "Directions in Retirement" group.  If you haven't already done so, Register for a free account on here.
Other Edinburgh U3A groups can join in too.  Just Register and contact the Administrator.

The Social Groups allows U3A groups to start a Facebook-Like group hosted here on Edinburgh.Uof3rdAge.co.uk.

It's only the start, as there are many more facilities like bookings and memberships we can roll out.
Be sure to register and visit our "Uni of the 3rd Age Societies List"


Objectives for 2018:

Today we are looking for bright, positive, media-savvy people to collaborate on the building, evolution and management of this portal and its websites; to contact connected people in Edinburgh who are interested in joining U3A.
The Portal could be used to manage the entire Edinburgh U3A membership list.  It could even be extended to temporary membership. With one-off, daily and monthly billing, we can attract folks that may not wish to sign up for the year.  Direct Debit is manual and time-consuming, but it could be managed automatically by PayPal.

The first thing to do, if you or your colleagues are interested at all, is to register. 

You do this by clicking [Register] at the top-right of the screen, this opens into a simple registration form. (The form is under review and will be even more simplified).

(You only need to register here once.  That then allows you to Login.  When you login, you will enter the doorway and see more pages.  It's a bit like Facebook, without the other 2 billion users.  We only have a few users here; all members of U3A in Edinburgh).

There's no obligation and no fee for the moment.